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From 1989 to present...home of the "Foundation Education" training program!

"We put a Foundation Education on every horse we train!"

Specializing in starting colts and building a respectful partnership between horse & rider.


(Ruidoso Mysterioso - Kiger Mustang Mare)

 Services include:

Halter Training & Under-Saddle Training.

Our methods are derived from years of watching horses interact with each other in the herds, how they establish dominance, friendships, and body language uniquely understood by them. With this understanding in mind, we will not ask a horse to perform a task he/she is not physically or mentally ready to handle. We will work with a horses' mind, and not against their muscle. Most horses quickly decide to work "with" us, and accept our leadership role...in their "herd".

We work with horses that've never been handled to those that have been overhandled or have behavioral problems.

In our riding techniques, we like to encourage a horse to be soft in our hands, and safe to ride.
At this point, they should be ready to focus on whatever discipline you choose to enjoy, whether it be ranch riding, show/performance, dressage/jumping, trail, or an All-Around family horse for personal pleasure use.

We look forward to helping you and your horse build a partnership!

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(We are a BLM-Approved Holding & Training Facility for Wild Mustangs!)


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