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We believe that you need to build a trustworthy & solid relationship with your horse to bring out their very best!

This is established in our "Foundation Education" Training program!!   

Our Training Services

*All Breeds of Horses and Mules are accepted in our training program*

Our Goals

We take great pride in educating good horses and riders.


Are Goals are to:


1. Establish a good foundation and build on it.

Once the Foundation is in there - anything is possible!


 2. We want to build a good long lasting, trusting, respectful, and working partnership between horse and rider.


3. Make new friends and happy customers.


4. Make it worth the time and effort. 

Pictures & Web Page 

We will be taking pictures and videos of your horse in training. You can view them at our in house training webpages  and Photo Gallery & References (Where their pages are moved to after training).

 We'll send you home with all the pictures and videos we have, this will help you to see more of their training and how we go about certain tasks. 

Our Daily Routine Pamphlet

When becoming a client we will send you home with a pamphlet called our "Daily Routine". In this pamphlet we will describe what we do every day before we train and or ride. Itís a check list and notes to help you take over where we left off. Between viewing, handling, pictures, videos, and the pamphlet you should have a better understanding and confidence when you get home and continue training, riding, and general handling of your horse. 

Viewing Video Files

Our Camera records .mov Files. To view them you will need QuickTime Movie Player.

If you donít have Quick Time you can download it at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/


If you would like us to make a DVD we can put one together for a Extra Charge for Editing and labor costs.

Our Methods:

We work hard to gain the trust and respect of  the horses we are training.

We work with the horse's mind, at the horses speed & teach them to learn, respect, & trust in us for all their needs. 

 We've developed different many tehnique's that will bring positive results in every horse.

 We have many years experience educating wild pedigree'd, and wild BLM horses as well as the back yard spoiled pets of all ages.

All of our techniques are taught through balance and body language using gentle, humane and respectful methods of softening the mind and body.

We will educate your horse and share these methods with you.

Our Guarantees:

We cannot guarantee any horse to be solid, or bombproof in their training when leaving us. Those guarantees do not realistically exist in the equine world, and their training is NEVER over, finished, or complete. There is always more that can be done or achieved.

Horses have minds and attitudes - just like people. Some are naturally good-minded and others are not. Some are slow learners, and others learn fast. Some horses even have mental problems and/or handicaps for one reason or another, and may always require special help.

Horses are always testing each other and us to see what they can get away with. The goal there is to work their way up the ranks to the dominating position in the herd. They will transfer this need to dominate (or be dominated) to their relationships with people.

We, as their trainers, must develop and maintain the dominating position through proper leadership skills, in turn developing a trusting relationship. They WILL test us all the time to see if we are still their leader. It is our job and your's  to know when they are testing us, and quickly correct them.

When you come and pick up your horse, expect them to test you quickly. (They have already tested us, and know their position in our ďherdĒ). They NEED to know if they are obeying you, or if you are obeying them. Make it very clear who is the leader, and this can be done by simple body language. If you donít notice them testing you, they will quickly pick up on it, and this will start the process of their pushing for more and more dominance over you until you again have little or no control over your horse or his respect.

Itís up to you to take a dominating role as we will show you in our lesson programs, or with visitations and pick up of your trained horse.

We Guarantee: to show you how we keep the dominate role through demonstration, pictures, video, and our daily routine pamphlet. We Guarantee: we will not force, restrain or rush any horse to get them trained. We Guarantee: to put in an honest days work and try and get them as far as we can in their training while they are here with us. We Guarantee: to take good care of your horse and deal with any problems that come up on a first priority basis.

Our Services

Halter Training

 Lesson include Catching, Haltering,Tieing, Trailer loading, Leading, Some De Spooking, Picking up their feet and first hoof trim.

At the end of training we will demonstrate what we have taught your horse.

The Halter Training course runs from 2-3 weeks depending on the horse and his individual learning ability.

Saddle Training


We can start horses in all disciplines Reining, Pleasure, Roping, Cutting, general ranch work, Indoor, Out door trail, In Hand, Dressage and even Gaited horses.


Lesson include every thing from halter training and more.


We teach horses to move their feet through lunging , driving, and bending.

We will work with and through obstacles such as bridges, logs, noisy things, moving objects, and more. If they are good minded and are ready to go outside without fences, we will introduce them to the outdoor obstacle course bridges, ditches, hills, brush, logs, water, pulling ect.

The throwing and pulling of ropes, are a must in our training, for mental and physical preparation of pulling and flying objects. If you ever need to use a rope they will be ready for it.

We will work on both sides of your horse with mounting/dismounting in case you ever need to get on/off from the wrong side.

We will teach your horse to walk, trot, & lope with collection in mind.

We will be riding in an indoor arena, outdoor arena and then out in the open when they are ready. 


 BLM Wild Mustangs

 We are a BLM Approved Holding & Training Facility!


  You can pick out your favorite horse, send it to us (or we'll haul it for you), train it, and you can enjoy your new equine friend!

Visit our  Mustangs page for more info.


Hoof Trimming - Training


This 2yr old colt was just halter trained...

And has learned to stand nicely for the farrier...


We have studied horses feet for many years from wild to domestic and have many years experience at trimming them for barefoot riding. With an understanding that not all horses can go barefoot, we can also shoe them for you. We will teach your horse and you to pick up their feet safely and stand nicely for the farrier.

We like them to stand nicely tied and/or out in a open area with or with out an extra handler.


Horsemanship and Rider Apprentice Programs

 Interested in building a lasting relationship with your horse?
Longing for a leadership role that leads to your success with equines?

Consider our Apprenticeship program!
(taylored to suit your individual needs)

We teach proper horsemanship starting from the ground up. We teach the individual to better understand the horse from the horses point of view and ours with safety in  mind.

From kids to the elderly, beginners, and even experienced riders, we can help you with your problems.

Past accidents, fears, disabled, you are in good hands, we will help you to overcome these fears and obstacles that stand between you and your dreams and help you to be better be prepared & safe when the unexpected happens and rebuild your confidence in handling, trusting and riding your horse.

In House fees are $20.00 an Hour / $125-per day individual with our horse / $150-per day with your horse.

The apprentice programs are tailored to each persons needs. 

We work with you privately.

We will be sharing with you true horsemanship starting form the ground up. 


Every program includes:

  1. Understanding the horse from the horseís point of view in a wild and domestic environment.
  2. How to get that mental connection between you and your horse working for you.
  3. Gaining trust over fear for you and your horse.
  4. (Home of the "face your fears" challenges)
  5. Building respect from your horse.
  6. Behavioral issues and more.

    Training Program: (instructor Kandy Hall with Katie Hall)


  2. Safety 1st
  3. Building a Foundation from the ground up.
  4. Training to halter and saddle.
  5. Behavioral issues.
  6. Round penning.
  7. Working in balance using a Picadero.
  8. Trail
  9. In-Hand Ground Work
  10. Lunging & Driving
  11. Working through attitude.
  12. Working through spooks.
  13. Working through obstacles.
  14. Working with your horseís feet.
  15. Collection of your horse under saddle.

    These are just some of the topics and programs offered.

  17. Email us and we can discuss what level of experience you have and what your needs are.

Want us to come to you?

We can come to you. $25-per hour. Plus travel cost.

Email and/or call so we can discuss it.


Senior Projects

 In Town or out of town we can help.


FREE Demos!

We offer FREE demonstrations (private mini clinic) with your horse at our barn during their training period. If you would like to schedule a demo, please write, email, or give us a call!

Additional Training Services

Behavioral problems

Trailer Loading

Packing Horses

Self Defense

Stallion, mare and reproductive training and handling.

We have many years experience at handling and training Stud horses and mares for breeding. We can work with your horse and teach them how to respect you when it comes time to handle them and breed. We can also teach you how to better understand them, and be safe when the season comes around and its time to handle them. 



It is extremely important for you and/or your handler to be here the day your horse leaves so we can demonstrate your horses' training experience with you, and assist you with the handling of your horse,
(particularly the Wild Mustangs, and Re-habilitation projects).

Not showing up to learn about your horse and how to handle it properly
may have a negative impact on your results with your trained (or re-educated) horse once you are back home without a clue how to get the same positive results we did from your horse! 

At the end of the Training Course, we will discuss and demonstrate what your horse has learned, and what they still need worked on.


You will be responsible for all fees owed at the end of training at the time of departure.
We keep a training journal and videos on all horses for future reference if needed.

Training does not include any special needs such as supplements, vet care, shots, worming ect.



It's important to know your rights and the law.

The Oregon Equine Law

Thank You


Find us at "The Big Red Barn", mile marker 147, HWY 20 East, Burns Oregon.

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