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Est. 1989

Whinny Farms:Stallion Station was established by Kandy Hall in 1989 in Oregon's High Desert Country!

Whinny Farms maintains a herd of about 30-head of horses year round. The numbers go up in the summer when we have visiting mares in for breeding, and we train horses all year long for ourselves and clients. Being a “Hands On Ranch”, we work with and handle horses 365 days a year from sun up and sometimes through the night!

I am very devoted to horses, and have many years experience in managing all sorts of equine needs, including vet and health care, and emergency layups that have been referred by Harney County Vet Clinic.

With prior studies in Animal Science, years of hands-on experience, and Certified in Equine Reproduction, I am happy to help others whenever needed. I have studied Equine Reproduction under some of the best in the business, including Embryo Transfer/Reproduction with Dr. Ed Squiers of Colorado State University!

I am also an avid pedigree researcher, and have photos and history of many old-time greats in the Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, and Arabian Horse lineages. I love to do the research, and appreciate the horses of the past that have given us what we're riding and breeding today!

I have lived extremely remote all my life, and even after moving "to the States", have continued living remotely. I have studied to become a Vet-Tech, and with living so remote have had to take care of ALL of our own vetting needs, having medications shipped out.

I have trimmed & studied bare-foot horses. (This derived specifically from family raising horses on the open range, and when we bring them in to use and socialize, their feet are superb compared to some we've seen that have had impeccable hoof-trimming/shoeing schedules all their life!).

I have spent many years studying horses as a herd and as individuals and feel I've come to understand them as a horse from a horse’s point of view. This has been very beneficial to the training program.

Mike Hall (son) is a "hard-worker". He was a huge part of Whinny Farms throughout his life, and is currently available to help, but exercising his other talents in welding and torch-work. He is a natural in the seat, and has such talent with green colts. His help is always appreciated. 

Katie Hall (daughter) was born for horses & riding, & loves to train & ride ALL day! (Even her cow is not safe from riding - she has to lay down to escape being ridden!) Katie's favorite sport is anything horse! (just like her mom!) From English/Western, Hunter/Jumper, Extreme Trail (before it was named that), Cutting and more! Katie is now trimming and shoeing client horses as well as her own.

Home of the "Foundation Education" training program.

Kandy Hall

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Find us at "The Big Red Barn", mile marker 147, HWY 20 East, Burns, Oregon.

Call (541) 493-2232

Email: whinnyfarms@centurylink.net

Whinny Farms:Stallion Station
38434 Hwy 20 E.
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