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            To our horses in training webpage, where you can watch each horse’s progress as we train them.
You will see many different scenario’s and desensitizing techniques that we work with.

NOTE: On Desensitizing
You can over-desensitize a horse if you don’t do it right, causing problems later on, such as control and safety problems.
When we are desensitizing (sacking out) a horse its not so much about the obstacle and or objects as it is the mental connection we are            
establishing between the horse and us. We are waking up the horses mind and getting their gears turning and thinking and learning with us.

Home of the Foundation Education Horse Training Program!
"We put a Foundation Education on every horse we train!"

These are the horses we are currently training
If you don't see your horse listed here, they may've been moved to the Training Gallery Page

***Please click on the pictures to see more photos of each horse as their training progresses***

2016 Red Roan APHA/BS Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Shipped* to Washington


2017 Palomino Thoroughbred Stallion
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Shipped* to Nevada



2017 Black-Bay Friesian Cross Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Shipped* to Eastern Oregon


2016 Black-Bay TB/Percheron Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Available For Sale - Inquire*

The following pages under construction :-)


2017 Palomino Roan AQHA Colt
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Shipped* to Western Oregon


2016 Palomino Roan AQHA Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Shipped* to Washington


2017 Bay/Tobiano APHA Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Available For Sale - Inquire*



2017 Palomino/Overo APHA Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon

*Sired by TB Stallion ~ Crusov Fox*



2017 ReCreated Tarpan Stallion
Princeton, Oregon



2016 Bay/Solid APHA Filly
Whinny Farms ~ Burns, Oregon



2017 ReCreated Tarpan Stallion
Princeton, Oregon



2017 ReCreated Tarpan Stallion
Princeton, Oregon


Hello Kandy,

Just wanted to say that our visit to Rui was real nice.
You and Katie are excellent trainers and showed us how much Rui has learned.
I just can't wait till I see her next.

Thanks Linda


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