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The things you have taught us have been a great deal of help not only with Promise but, also with our other two horses that are here with us.

Thank you for working with our horses and take such good care of them..

Joe and Tricia Fausett

2009 Horses Trained


3yr AQHA mare, Portland Oregon



2yr AQHA mare, Portland Oregon.

High Desert Black Ice


2008 APHA Filly,  Princeton, Oregon



Appaloosa Mare, Bend, Oregon


5yr old, QH Gelding - Crane, Oregon


4yr old Molly Mule - Nampa. Idaho


Diamonds Sugar Gold

3yr old, APHA, Mt. Vernon Oregon.

Diamonds Sugar Ruby

7yr old, APHA, Mt. Vernon Oregon.

Diamonds Sugar Fancy

3yr old, APHA, Mt. Vernon Oregon.

Sheza Amber Light

7yr old, AQHA, Mt. Vernon Oregon.

This is a letter of commendation for Katie Hall.


Katie knew my young granddaughter was looking for a horse and she took it upon her self to find a good horse and train her over a 3 month period of time.

Katie worked tirelessly to get the horse “Annie” trained so a 9yr old girl could ride her safely. Katie also trained my granddaughter in the maintenance of a horse and safety.

Katie did this without ever being asked. She just wanted to make a young girls dream come true, Katie is a remarkable and responsible young lady and I know she will accomplish great things in life. We are so appreciative of her commitment to making this world a better place and sharing her knowledge.

Thank You

Kathleen J, Burns Oregon


4yr old, QH. Tulelake, Ca.


2yr, old APHA.

Bend, Oregon 



2yr, old APHA.

Bend, Oregon 



3yr old Twin Peak Mustang

Condon, Oregon.


Yearling, Burns Oregon


yearling, Burns, Oregon



4yr old,

Palomino Buttes Mustang

Calp Creek, Oregon.



4yr old,

Nevada Twin Peaks Mustang

Condon, Oregon


1yr old AQHA,

Princeton, Oregon


1yr Old AQHA,

Princeton, Oregon


1yr old

Sunriver, Oregon

Rudy T

2Yr Old,

Princeton, Oregon


9yr old 

Crain Oregon


3yr old,

Princeton, Oregon





2yr old.

Princeton, Oregon



2008 weaner

Burns, Oregon



3yr old, AQHA, Appendix

Warm Springs Mustang

Burns, Oregon

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