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To your horses personal training page where you can watch your horse’s progress as we train them.
You will see many different scenario’s and desensitizing techniques that we work with.

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In developing a mental connection with your horse, we are waking up the horses mind and getting them thinking and learning with us.


2017 ReCreated Tarpan Stallion - Princeton, Oregon




Sometimes he gets in a hurry, and needs to relax to make things easier on himself



asked for forward movement, but he needed a little more encouragement to go forward


he is learning to go forward without rushing or refusing


we'll stop and rest a bit, then ask for more...

ready to go...
we need to go slow with him as he has physical challenges...
but he has to learn how to be handled, lead, stand, load whoa etc, so he can plan his long ride out of State to a specialist that will be looking into corrective surgery.

I give Sherman alot of credit, at first he was scared and defensive, relying on biting for self-preservation ~ which makes sense, and of course we didn't hold it against him, but kept making efforts to gain his confidence, and it really panned out. Although being asked to do something, might make him somewhat grumpy (and we did our best to make everything as slow & easy as possible for him)...he was a real trooper! He did it! He learned and progressed and began appreciating the little pleasures we could offer him....


he loved a good scratchin'...



he's really protective about his legs, so getting used to "feeling" something back there eases his mind that it's not going to hurt him...


utilizing the whip as a guide ahead of him reminds him...
he doesn't have to rush to try and escape what he's "feeling" bumping his back legs, hocks, etc...behind him, and he smoothes out to a nice walk
What a good boy!


Taking Sherman for a walk outside is a breath of fresh air for him, I can feel him smiling :-)

Some problems you just need to take a minute and ponder - what is the best solution?

Turned out loading/unloading in the trailer was quite a challenge for Sherman, I had to put down the camera
to assist Katie in helping him get in and out as simply as possible.
It took a bit of pressure to convince him he could do this, but once he figured out how it was easiest for him to get in &out...he readily did it ~ on his own!

A beautiful walk in the sunset...Sherman loved every minute of it...

We didn't realize, this was Sherman's last sunset, glad we were able to capture the moment.
Sherman traveled to Idaho the following morning to see a Specialist for surgery, and since his right front and rear joints were crushed, (they had failed to ossify), he was
peacefully put to rest. We are thankful we had the opportunity to meet Sherman, and know he's 100% pain free & running like the wind!

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