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To your horses personal training page where you can watch your horse’s progress as we train them.
You will see many different scenario’s and desensitizing techniques that we work with.

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In developing a mental connection with your horse, we are waking up the horses mind and getting them thinking and learning with us.

WF LaBella

2017 Friesian Sport Cross Filly - Whinny Farms

The first catch...

and she quickly settles...




Pick up foot...


The Rope Spin...
A little "thinking" exercise...


Leading exercises...

Learning to walk forward...and away from mom


Clear across the arena ~ good girl!

Lead over a pole

Trot in hand fast & slow

Walk around outside and back to herdmates...

Checking out new areas we've never seen...

Well, this is interesting...                               Better go around...                                  Ok, if you say it's ok...

Sometimes you just need a good butt-scratchin'

The plan was to put LaBella back out to pasture with her herdmates until she went home, but LaBella had her own ideas...as the other 3 were leaving the barn to go out, she decided she didn't want to go, and ran back to the barn!  LOL, silly girl can stay in if she wants, be weaned and find a new buddy! :-)

Sassy was looking for a new buddy as the boys are no fun, and she readily joined up with LaBella...these 2 have a ball!
So...weaning off mom was no big deal, and mom didn't mind it either.

Standing tied...


Sassy and LaBella...stretching their legs!

NICE stride!

Catching up the girls after playtime was a cinch...as they wait patiently to be caught!

While we're out here let's check out the trail course!
Well, the trail course logs are bigger...but, she's really great about clearing her obstacles

She's a fabulous filly - this is her first time out here, I'm holding Sassy taking photos, and LaBella just goes wherever you go...no questions!
She's VERY trusting...

Let's check out the snowy bridge (her very first time!), just walk up and over, easy-peasy!

One more time - only this time by yourself...
Step up...and stand for a bit, she gets to looking the other way and steps towards Katie...ooops, guide her back up before she slips off the edge!

There - and stand for a bit...GOOD GIRL!

Cross it the other way...

Wait for me!

What's this?

All the way up...and whoa                            She seeks reward...     

Good Girl!

I can see forever from here!



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