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To your horses personal training page where you can watch your horse’s progress as we train them.
You will see many different scenario’s and desensitizing techniques that we work with.

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In developing a mental connection with your horse, we are waking up the horses mind and getting them thinking and learning with us.


2 yr old Chestnut Andalusian Filly - Midvale, Idaho

Aubriella is a well built filly with excellent bloodlines, and very quick and catty.

She is a smart filly, but is high strung and reactive in her thinking process.

She does not like being groomed....she has sensitive skin, and hair pulling of any kind, anywhere on her, bothers her

first introduction to the barrels, she readily follows Katie over...with no hesitation at all.



over the barrels saddled up...no problem


she has some skin-tight mud clumps in her girth area Katie is trying to remove with clippers

saddling loose in the alley...

minor adjustments...she doesn't appreciate...

even rubbing her shoulder in friendship, she looks away (she just refuses to like it)

we'll go outside and freshen our minds...

right up she goes...Aubriella conquers everything under her feet

not too worried about being up there

and off she goes, nicely

gettin around to it...

there, she's up...

Katie jogs up to, on, and across the block - Aubriella follows right along

jog back to the barn...

checking girth...

rope toss to set her up for a turn-around, all is fine here


until it touched her butt, then she reacted with all she had
if someone had been mounted and something touched her back there....yeehaw!


for this filly to keep her head low is a big accomplishment...


good girl...


and keep it low...good girl








Aubriella finally masters the rope spin...

Aubriella still looks away from Katie...refusal to hook-up

Stirrup Slap...

Aubriella has so far NOT looked at Katie and softened her eye towards her...

Katie wiggled the off side stirrup. Her expression and feet tell - she about blew up

now she won't acknowledge Katie...even for a gentle rub on her shoulder


seeing something on her other side....


just a gentle scratch, she's got her lips pinched and not being soft eyed

she's so done with this lesson...

Aubriella is a reactive thinker, and something she has previously reacted to that you win in the end...
has to be re-done all over the next time you repeat the same lesson. She really gets worked up, and dramatizes it.

her mind needs a break, so we're playing "just friends" for abit...


a friendly rub...                     head low please...                      thank you...


she questions friendship...

She's had some time to relax, and we go back to lessons...

asking for her face...



there, she stands and flexes - good girl!


one more time, just to double-check her...                  good girl                 


try the other side now...

not as many spins as the other side, but showing some resistance



              more resistance                             she finally flexes and sees Katie                then puts her ears back 


    asking again, she spins                                      then flexes good                           then tries to yank her face back


she gives her face                                  then pulls away


still arguing it                                            asking again                                           she gives it


so, I think she's understanding what is being asked of her now...

asking for her face one more time in this direction, she just blows up nearly plowing Katie over!

just threw a little tizzy

this lesson should be simple and well understood, but she has problems with it on a new day....
asking for her face this way                                   and the other (this seems to be her problem side...)                   

resisting                                             there, better                                         good girl


               sending near the water trench...she turns back                                       then cooperates


after some work near it, she faces it...


she decides it's not so bad after all...



Stepping up again...

Laying Down...




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