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To your horses personal training page where you can watch your horse’s progress as we train them.
You will see many different scenario’s and desensitizing techniques that we work with.

NOTE: On Desensitizing

You can over-desensitize a horse if you don’t do it right, causing problems later on, such as control and safety problems.
When we are desensitizing (sacking out) a horse its not so much about the obstacle and or objects as it is the mental connection we are
establishing between your horse and us. We are waking up the horses mind and getting their gears turning and thinking and learning with us.

"Ruidoso Mysterioso"

"Rui", Dun Kiger Mustang Mare - Roseburg, Oregon

Rui was halter broke on arrival. She is a bold & dominant mare that will crowd your space and make demands.

Rui arrives here due to behaviour problems with her previous trainer.

I expect that the proper "pecking order" was not established with Rui right away.

Rui tried to dominate by kicking out with both hind feet when she didn't want Katie to catch her. She was immediately corrected!

Since Rui has previously been saddled, we'll see how she does there, and if all goes well...she can do all her groundwork tacked.



tacking went great....however, when asked to move her feet, she had a few kinks to work out...



she needs to "change her mind", so she's not allowed a full circle, lots of direction changes to get her thinking on us, and not herself

these are quick changes at slow speed, makes her think...no time to goof off!


there, better...


she did great at the walk, now we'll change at the trot...good.



1st step-ups...she's unsure, but stands - even for leaning over to the other eye


we'll keep doing new things until we need to work on something. Once we exercise her mind and she gets it - we're done!

the brain teaser, it's natural for a horse to turn to you - not away from you, makes them think on this one!




Rui did good here, so we'll go outside and see how she does...

You want me to put my feet in there?


good girl!

up                                 down                               up





outside the round pen...



                prepare to mount                              give me your eye                          and stand still until asked to move.


good girl!


Let's go out side and see how she does....they even got the gate after a few tries...





not sure she wants to...

but she does with more encouragement

what a good girl!

looked at cattle chute, and was fine with it

Asked to go through this little trench, she considers, then refusal...


she does reconsider the task which is good, but it is still too much to handle, then she gets nervous and paws the ground


get her refocused on standing, move to a safe location to dismount, and then "hold her hand" as she faces her fears...


she does great, but still has some anxiety...but keeps trying


There, good girl...now she really starts investigating


now we'll go back out to a safe mounting spot...


Mounting up she stands perfectly still until seated and you ask her to move, then she rides through...awesome!


ride across the tarp...


went to get the gate, and Rui must've knew that...she decided to help get the gate herself!


Rui spotted something different and needed encouragement to cross over it....Good Girl!


now on to other things...

Rui flushes Buck out of his hiding spot under the bridge...

run Buck, run!

Rui is having too much fun now....poor Buck, he can't hide anywhere!





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