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To your horses personal training page where you can watchyour horse’s progress as we train them.
You will see many different scenario’s and desensitizing techniques that we work with.

NOTE: On Desensitizing

You can over-desensitize a horse if you don’t do it right, causing problems later on, such as control and safety problems.
When we are desensitizing (sacking out) a horse its not so much about the obstacle and or objects as it is the mental connection we are            
establishing between your horse and us. We are waking up the horses mind and getting their gears turning and thinking and learning with us.


Quarter Horse Gelding - Sunriver, Oregon

Blaze is returning to us for training under saddle - we halter broke him last year - see his page HERE!

Whip doesn't mean GO...unless you're asked to GO




Blaze humped up and squalled the 1st few times I tightened the rope around his girth...then he relaxed.


Adding sensation to girthing...


Good boy...













1st ride outside...



Finally relaxed by the mud hole..since it was his 1st ride outside, we didn't ask for more than he could give.

A ride by the sprinkler...




Doesn't want to go down the little dip in the ground...

Gettin a birdseye view...not eating grass



checking out the sunlight shining on the ground....

Chrissy brings Spanky over for a workout...and Blaze thinks this is interesting




Giving Spanky's driver a nudge - in case he needs help pulling the cart!

waiting for his turn to load for an outing.....and unloading

WOW - where are we?

Getting his attention, mounting up, and we're off!



Back at the waterin' hole....





Are you sure?



Blaze appreciates the encouragement....

and seals it with a wet kiss!

Oh cool - what's over there?

Blaze goes to a horse show to check things out....



The judge liked Blaze - wished he were competing this day!

Blaze stuck his head all the way down in this trash can!

And mom says "Don't drink and ride!" (What does she know?)

Thanks Blaze for being so much fun!











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