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Kandy & Katie Hall
38434 E Hwy 20 Burns, Oregon 97720    (541)493-2232


Please email me if you have any questions OR call the Ranch 541-493-2232.

We are outside working a lot so PLEASE leave a message if we don't answer and we will

get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

Prices are NOT the same for each puppy, and we are VERY willing to work with you.

If you are wanting to reserve a puppy please let us know and we will work out a deposit

amount that works for the both of us on the puppy you have picked out.

The puppy won't be leaving our care until he/she has had their first puppy shot and worming.

All care for the puppy (shots, dog food, etc) is included in the price of the puppy.

We are more than willing to meet you with your new puppy, but may request fuel expense if it's a long ways.

Usually we accept 1/2 down to reserve a puppy with the balance due at time of delivery/pick up of puppy.

If this does not work work for you and you need other financial arrangements, just let us know!

We want you to get the puppy of your dreams!



***  Sadie   ***

Sadie is a Tri-Colored, Black and White, Irish Spotted, has Bronzing, and is Dominant for Black.

November 18th 2015 Puppies

Sired by Diesel Red & White, Irish Spotted, has Bronzing ABCA Registered Male

Prices are negotiable/subject to change - payments accepted!
A Deposit will hold your favorite puppy!



NAME : Brooke

Tri-Colored, Black and White w/Smooth Coat

Irish Spotted with Bronzing Female

She's a looker!

 to Junction City, OR



NAME : Paige

Tri-Colored, Black and White, Irish Spotted Female

She's a looker, and VERY sweet!

 to Terrebonne, OR



NAME : Reggie

Tri-Colored, Black and White, Irish Spotted Male

Has 1 Blue Eye

 to LaGrande, OR



NAME : Bandit

Black and White, Irish Spotted Male

 to Bend, OR



NAME : Chance

Black and White, Irish Spotted Male, Med coat

This guy is a ton of fun!


***FOR SALE***



NAME : Tuf

Black and White, Irish Spotted Male w/Smooth Coat

This guy sure is sharp looking!

 to Lewiston, ID

April 13th 2015 Puppies

Sired by Diesel Red & White, Irish Spotted, has Bronzing ABCA Registered Male

Smooth-Coated Black & White Male

Went to a working Horse Ranch.

Smooth-Coated Tri-Color Male

Went to be a ranch dog.


Med-Coated Tri-Color Female

Went to be a ranch dog.


Med-Coated Black & White Male

Went to be a companion.


Med-Coated Black & White Female

Went to be a ranch dog.

Smooth-Coated Tri-Colored Female

Went to be a long distance runner (bicycle companion)

Sadie as a puppy...

watching sheep...


Professional leak finder!
There it is...FOUND IT!

Gotta get it to stop leaking!

It's just under here!

Drat! Got some in my ear!

You really oughta do something about that leak!
I've done all I can for it!

Sadie trying to take a nap in the straw on a cold day...

Loves to co-pilot!!!



Playing in the Yard... Loves to RUN!!!


Please contact us for more information on these incredible, easy-keeping dogs!

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