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Kandy Hall 38434 E Hwy 20 Burns Oregon 97720, (541)493-2232

Equine Reproduction...

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We utilize an extensive teasing program, and have excellent conception rates!
Whether we're breeding Live Cover (which we do yearly), or Artificial Insemination (which we do on occassion).

(Above photo) Kandy Hall inseminating a broodmare while her foal waits patiently...

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Whinny Farms’ Stud Owner’s Services:

Stallion Boarding: $12-per day

Pre-Breeding Training: varies (depending on the individual)

Phantom Training: $100-per hour

Semen Evaluation (you provide sample): $75-includes motility, progressive motility & morphology

Semen Collection & Evaluation: $150-includes motility, progressive motility & morphology


Whinny Farms’ Mare Owner’s Services:

Mare Boarding: $5-per day (outdoor paddock) or $8-per day in the barn (wet or dry)

Artificial Insemination: $50-

Estrus Management: varies on needs

Foaling: $450.00

Special Care For Mare & Foal In Barn: $20-Per Day

Mare & Foal Boarding Outdoor: $15- Per Day

Thank You


Find us at "The Big Red Barn", mile marker 147, HWY 20 East of Burns Oregon.

Call (541) 493-2232

Email: whinnyfarms@centurylink.net

Whinny Farms:Stallion Station
38434 E. Hwy 20
Burns, Oregon 97720

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