Whinny Farms:Stallion Station

Whinny Farms:Stallion Station

marketing services...

Occassionally we have friends with, and/or horses we've trained for others, come available for sale.

We are happy to help in selling them within the following circumstances:


We only accept horses on consignment that we have spent some time with (by boarding, breeding, training), and feel we can make an honest & fair judgment assessment of the horse and it's quality.

Whinny Farms' bred horses can be listed on our site FREE!

Mares bred to Whinny Farms' stallions can be listed on our site FREE!

Horses in training at Whinny Farms can be listed on our site FREE!

Horses in boarding at Whinny Farms can be listed on our site FREE!

Others horses can be listed for $15-each until they sell - includes a brief webpage,
but still MUST have spent at least 2 weeks at Whinny Farms so we can get to know them to better represent them.

Photography and videography session is a minimum of $35-and is a MUST
(this fee will be charged even if you provide your own photos and/or video as we will have to format and process it for our site).
The above $35-photo/video session is free of charge to horses in training, breeding, or boarding at Whinny Farms.

Whinny Farms MUST be notified if you have a potential sale outside of our services, so the horse doesn't inadvertantly get sold twice, and have one upset buyer!

A 10% commission of the final sales price will be paid to Whinny Farms for the service at the time of sale.

All advertising fees we incur for outside advertising will be paid by owner prior to ad placement.
(We will not run an outside ad without consulting with you "the owner" first, unless we opt to pay for it).

Whinny Farms will require a photocopy of all sales horses Registration papers (or sire and dam for foals).

Although we will make every effort to ensure a sale goes smoothly, and honest representations are made - we will NOT be held liable on buyer or sellers behalf should something go awry with the sale or the horse.


"Serving the equine community!"

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Whinny Farms:Stallion Station
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