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WF Justice

2014 Chestnut/Flaxen XAQHA & APHA Double Registered 1/2 Thoroughbred Stallion

Justice is a VERY classy colt with chrome & a flaxen tail!

Very balanced conformation...

NEWBORN - this guy is born on stilts!

jagged white edges

disconnected spot

flaxen tail and rabicano flanks

speck of blue - right eye

such a gentle spirit....



Sire: MATOSKAH (Chestnut Dominant White/Overo Thoroughbred)

by Race $$ Earner: Allamystique (Bay Dominanat White/Overo Thoroughbred)

By the Worlds Leading Sire of White ("Colored") Thoroughbreds, Airdrie Apache!

 Dam: Loose Olena Sox


Chestnut/Overo (white) TB/APHA
Alla Mystique
Race Earner @1mile
AIRDRIE APACHE World Ldg sire of White TB's Naevus by Mr Prospector
Not Quite White
Ms Dubious dam of 2 winners Hawkster
Social Impact
Chestnut TB $78,608-
Major Impact $518,130- ROBERTO $339,902-
Ali Gubs $43,000- Raised Socially by Raise A Native
Play That Tune by Stop The Music
Loose Olena Sox
Buckskin AQHA
Olympic Gold Olena Switch Olena Doc O Lena
Fleet Foot Peake Dusty Peake/Driftwood
Lotta Loose Sox Cutloose Nugget Paul Easter
Docs Lotta Peak Holey Doc Sox


Justice should do well in a variety of performance venues!

he has nice legs all the way around...


Getting an ear rub!

Also shows that speck of blue in his eye!

shedding that foal coat....

he wants to help!

just weaned...thumb in and out of mouth prepping for worming, he's so gentle

1st walk outside - alone! He did great, not sure about setting up square, but stood still for a moment...

Walking away from everyone, he does just fine, but keeps an ear back listening for them...
(this photo also shows the small blemish he acquired on his inside of his left shin)

turned out in the big arena away from all his buddies...

he can be quite a fancy mover...

ugh, winter hair is coming fast!

this photo also shows his little blemish - he is completely sound on it

1st look at the trail course... (nice legs!)

he focus's and does a great job!

cross over board before looking at bridge...good boy!

he steps right up - like a pro! so relaxed about everything...

let's take a look at the tire...

he was only asked to look at it, but stepped right up - he always tries to please!

well of course he gets some scratchin!

Katie steps down so he can come on up...

he's up, but Katie asks him to stay for a minute...

while she stepped away for a photo...he's such a good boy!

hangin with his friends...

He was only supposed to look over the edge! He always wants to please!


checkin out the can...




* * *

Social Impact  $78,608-

Mr Prospector  $112,171-

Hawkster  $1,409,477-
Set world record for 12fT in 2:22.80 (downhill turf course at Santa Anita). Sent to Japan 1997

Roberto $339,902-






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