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Classic Dingo's

Spotted Leopard Puppies and other colors occassionally available!

The ideal "Classic Dingo" (a Sharp) - sold!

Our Leopard Dogs!

Shown here is one of our older ladies, WF Patches Spotted Wonder, ("Spot").

Spot is a mottled blue-leopard color...
Sired by: WF Bucks High Standard, ("Buck")
Out of: WF Bucks Blue Patch, ("Patches")

This is WF Bucks Blue Trick, ("Trixie")
(She is much sharper than this poloroid "puppy" photo shows!)

Sired By: WF Bucks High Standard
Out of: WF Patches Spotted Wonder
Here is a another "adult" photo of Trixie...

Update: Trixie sadly was lost in 2008...

After losing WF Bucks High Standard, I saved one of his male pups for the future!

Here is a photo of the sire to all the 2002 - 2008 puppies!
A beautiful Red Leopard male...,
WF Buck's Red Baron, ("Red")

(photo at left as a puppy - right as a young male)
Sired By: WF Bucks High Standard
Our of: WF Sadie Grand Lady

Our other Classic Dingo stud male is a mottled blue leopard w/tan...
WF Reds Fastest Flyer,  ("Festus")

Puppy prices vary from $100- to $500-dollars each!
Get your own Classic Dingo NOW!

The below puppies are all sold - but are left on this page to show you different color patterns

She has a little speck of blue in her eye, a real sweet pup, and cute as ever! Definately a choice female!

This male pup has a sweet temperment, and great markings!

She has a nice disposition, and loads of fun! Also with a speck of blue in her eye!

This is an incredible female with the traditional blue-gray coat, but rare in color with no tan highlights! She's a beautiful Leopard!

Here is another rare colored pup! This "mottled" leopard puppy has the blue-gray chest & belly with large mottled spotting pattern!

Please contact me for more information on these incredible, easy-keeping dogs!

Get your very own Classic Dingo here!

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