Whinny Farms: 2007 Horses

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2007 Horses 

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4yr old, Burns Oregon


6yr Old.  Burns Oregon

Skidaddle Mtn, Caifornia Mustang


2yr old 

from Elma Washington

Dryer Horse

TB. Paint 2yr old

From  Drewsey Oregon.


2yr old 

from Burns Oregon



Mount Shasta, California

Riding and handling lessons

with Cowboy and her new horse Lucy


  WF Lucy (sold)




3yr old, Phoenix Arizona

South Steens Mustang



4 yr old, from

Burns Oregon

When I came to Whinny Farms, I was less experienced than I liked. I knew a lot of things about horses and riding, which I learned from parents, grandparents, and just plain riding. Even I knew you can never know enough about horses and riding, and any tips you pick up can help. I brought my 4yr old horse, “Playboy”, to Don hoping he could train and improve my horses’ abilities. I had started some minor ground work, but knew that I couldn’t start and train him alone. From the time he came to Whinny Farms to the day he left, I saw great and amazing improvements. Each time he was worked with, he got better and better. I had a good horse, and now he’s a great horse. “MY BIG BABY”.

I also took a few riding lessons, courtesy of Don, which is a great instructor, very patient, calm and thorough, which is what I think a horse needs also from us. First from those first couple lessons I saw myself improve upon what I had already known, and I hope to learn and enjoy more through riding. My Thanks to Don, Kandy and their family for everything they have taught me, and for being courteous & kind.

Wish Ya’ll the best

Lisa Gunkel (9/4/2007)

Lisa's riding lessons on Cowboy


 Kiger #8198

6mo old Kiger Mustang  

from Salinas California.



4 yr old Warm Springs Mustang

Elma Washington


6yr Old. Burns Oregon

High Rock Nevada Mustang


3yr Old  Chiloquin Oregon

Little Bit

3yr old Burns Oregon


2yr old Burns Oregon




5yr old,  Redmond, Oregon


4yr old,Redmond, Oregon

*For Sale*

Rio came to use for 30days with a bucking problem, He likes people and is easy to get along with as long as he’s doing what he wants we put him through our training program, Worked on his bucking and head problems and introduced him back to his owners. There boy Jr is in his teens and was one of the ones who kept getting bucked off. Knowing Rio was going to be testing Jr we worked with them both on the day of pick up. Jr did good with neck bends, walk, trots, and stops. We started the lope and Rio started to think about bucking and Jr went into action and got him to quit his attitude and they went on with the ride. Jr was a bit nervous but after taking control of Rio I can see him settle down a bit. We sent Rio, all the pictures, videos and a riding pamphlet home.

With permission from owner to post this e mail:

Hi, I wish JR would call Don but he's to shy. He says he doesn't know what to say, but then can tell me all about it.

Anyway, he went trail riding with his Dad again Saturday. When he asked Rio to canter he prepared himself and sure enough Rio bucked a little. He pulled him out of it, turned him around, went back, and started over. He hopped some the second time so JR made him go back again. The third time he was fine. I was very proud of JR when he told me that! He has really changed since you showed him how to handle Rio. He's a lot more confident and is really having fun with Rio and even plays some with the other horses. He told me he's no longer afraid to canter out of the pen since he knows what to do now.

He asked me to take Rio off of dreamhorse because he wants to keep him. He is really enjoying him now!!!

He has also referred back to the videos.

I just have to give you another great big THANKS! You have really helped us TONS!


P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if JR ends up working with horses someday. He really enjoys it and even more so now that he has some more knowledge. He even jumped up on my horse in the pasture! No halter, no bridle, no nothing! He just did what you showed him with Rio until she calmly let him. Clinton Anderson would classify her a crack head! I can't believe he did that! Well, maybe it's more, I can't believe she let him do it! He does have a way with horses though.

I definitely recommend your services! We got more then we paid for and I really appreciate that!





3yr old POA

Christmas Valley,Oregon


5yr. old

Cornelius Oregon


Burns, Oregon



9 Yr Old APHA, Burns Oregon



? Mare

Mcbain Horse, Burns Oregon



Don Hall has helped me with my horse. He taught my horse how to do things I've never even heard of, and taught me how to stay on a horse and not get bucked off, he taught me how to lunge a horse too. The time I spent with Don I learned more about patience and respect for my horse. I had a lot of fun learning new things and I know this knowledge will be put to good use as I continue to ride and become better. His help and coaching have been a lot of help to me and I hope other people will benefit from his teachings and guidence as I have.

Victoria Freed


Palomino Buttes Mustang

Coulp Creek Oregon



Sand Springs Mustang

Coulp Creek Oregon


Honey Bee

Warm Springs Mustang

Christmas Valley Orgon


Moon Horse's Halter Training

Burns Oregon

Dun Colt 2007

Palamino 2007

Because of a chance encounter with another of Don Hall's satisfied clients, my wife and I decided to adopt two mustangs from the Burns BLM corrals, and have Don halter break them. We had adopted mustangs before but only very young ones and didn't feel we had the experience to train two more mature wild horses. My wife picked a gorgeous three year old, golden palomino and a week or two later I found a pretty blue roan filly about 18 months old for myself. Both were transported to Whinny farms for training. Don did a fine job training the two mustangs, then showed great patience in showing us some of his tools to further their learning once they were brought home. Two days after we picked them up our horseshoer did some trimming on Magic's feet, due to a small tear on her hoof. Both I and the horseshoer appreciated Don's efforts. Magic hadn't met the horseshoer prior to this and behaved better than a good share of domestic horses. You couldn't have told him that her first positive human contact had been less than three weeks prior. Both Duchess, the palomino, and Magic are advancing quicker than either I or my wife expected. There are a lot of horse trainers that live closer to our home than Don does but we plan to bring both mustangs back to Whinny farms for their saddle training. We have had bad experiences with different trainers in the past and the results we have seen with our two horse give us the confidence that if we put out the extra effort to drive the horses to Burns, Don and his family will put their best efforts into the education and well being of our horses.

Dave and Kathy Mcnett, Washington


Black Mountain, Idaho Mustang.

4 year old Mustang from Emmett Idaho



Hard Trigger Herd, Idaho Mustang

4 Year old Mustang from Emmett Idaho



Don and Mike,

You are the greatest!!  What you accomplished with Rocky and Trigger was very impressive!  I never expected that in 30 days both Rocky and Trigger would be going on trails, crossing water, bridges, being roped off of and that BOTH would allow you to stand on them!  Watching the two of you with the horses was a real experience.  In just a month you really developed a bond with them.  That shows you really care!  The training transferred over also, because when we got them home they stayed constant with what you had taught them.

Thank you also for taking the time to work with me teaching you how they had been taught and making sure I was comfortable riding them. The pictures and video clips were valuable showing me how you trained them also…and what their reaction was to things.

Meeting and working with the two of you was a true education and experience. 

Thanks again, 

Eloise and Doug Kraemer, Emmett, Idaho


Yearling, Aqha.2007


Yearling Aqha. 2007

Judy Santillie, Princeton Oregon


Mustang from Sand Springs Herd

4 years old, Cottage Oregon.





4 year old Paint Stud

Saddle Training

MT. Vernon Oregon,





Dear Don,
I'd like to thank you for the training that you did on our two adopted Mustangs, Terra and Lucy.  The foundation that your training laid has enabled us to seamlessly advance their training now that they are at home.  Friends are amazed at the gentling you did on these Mustangs.
Please know that our next two adopted Mustangs will be coming to you for your excellent gentling, training, and foundation.
Thanks again,
Chuck and Kate Bettis


5 year old form  Seneca Oregon,






12 Years Old Paint Mare

Mt. vernon Oregon,




Bojangles & Her Babey Tango 2007


Mom Saddle Training, babey halter training

3 years and babey 9 months old Mustang's from Sand Spring Herd Burns Oregon 2007

Copper 2007

 Yearling Paint Burns OR. 

Indy 2007

4years old AQHA, Burns Or.

Riley 2007

3 Year old AQHA, Burns OR.

"I am writing this letter to thank you for what you have done for us on training our little Mustangs we adopted from the B.L.M. We had you pick them up & transport them to your training facility. Then when you were done with the halter training you delivered them to us.We couldn't be more pleased with your work. We feel you went beyond the normal & took very good care of the newest members of our family. They were trained very well & are like they have been raised right here. Please feel free to use us as a reference, if the need ever arises. Again, Thank You, and we will see you agian when the time comes for saddle training."

James and Sharon Girvin

Tobie the Mule 2007


7 Year old Mule, Seneca Or, 2007


Willie Paint Mare 2007


Burns Oregon, 2007

Thank You Whinny Farms for the great job you did on Tequila ( No Name Horse). When I first saw Tequila, I thought she would never amount to much. My friend really cares for this horse and took her to Whinny farms to have her trained by Don Hall. Don did an excellent job, and she’s totally a different horse. She is doing very well. She is being ridden by her owner, Willy Land. He currently rides her with his good friend, Ronnie moving cows or just out for a joyride. Since Tequila did a great job at the trainer, and at home, we (Ronnie & Lisa) sent “Playboy” also to Whinny Farms. Playboy had some problems and Don Hall has trained him to be a good riding horse. From our point of view, Don is one of the Great trainers of our era. Future trainees (horses) of ours will also go to Whinny Farms ‘ cause it’s the best! Don and his family are great people.

Thank-You Whinny Farms!

Ronnie Patteeuw & Willy Land

Don, Kandy, Mike & Katie..."A special 'Thank You' message intended to express warm appreciation for all your thoughtfulness. Being such good (parents) & trainers to Walia really was a conquest- A real mom can't always be replaced. By choice you gave your blood sweat & tears - and that is what I thank you for."
Love In Christ

Sharyl Parkin, Hwy 395 Burns, Oregon 2005

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